Towera Jalakasi

Intervention Manager

Towera is a leader in the field of SME development, and who specializes in refining and developing businesses and market opportunities as well as brokering relevant partnership solutions in the business and finance sector. She is also a founder of three private firms; Naturals Limited, manufactures of baobab juice, pulp and oil; TEECs Microfinance providing business loans to women in groups; Tools for Enterprise and Education Consultants, providing business development services to SMEs.

As a consultant, Towera has undertaken a number of market related assignments on behalf of clients such as; The World Bank, IFC, UNICEF, Gates Foundation, Water for People, Ministry of Agriculture, African Institute of Corporate Initiative, Wildlife Society of Malawi, TraidCraft Uk, Fair Trade Netherlands, Total Land Care, NBS Bank, Concern Universal, Research Into Use, OxfamGB, Trocaire, Water Aid, Mzuzu University and private businesses. Even though most of the contracts are with donors at a higher level, Towera has been engaged directly with individual businesses and farmers.
Currently she is the Intervention Manager with MOST transforming the soybean sector in Malawi.