Cuan Opperman

Team Lead

Cuan Opperman is a private sector development specialist with over 24 years of work experience in providing technical advice on market development, trade, investment and enterprise development throughout Africa and globally. He has worked with a multitude of development partners in order to deliver enhanced outcomes for market system actors through the promotion of sustainable private sector development and trade expansion. Cuan has worked extensively throughout Africa, using the market development approach to stimulate value chain development and wider systemic change in a multitude of agricultural market systems throughout the region.

Cuan has worked in a variety of economic sectors including agriculture, agribusiness, construction, financial services, FMCG, food processing, health, water, humanitarian aid supply, textiles and clothing, tourism, transport and light industry and is able to leverage a vast network of contacts in both the NGO and private sector communities to facilitate systemic change. He has conducted work in the Ukraine assessing the clothing and textile sectors as well as the leather and footwear industries. In the course of his work he has had to deal with the donor and diplomatic communities as well as Government and the private sector, and has been relied on to facilitate initiatives amongst these stakeholders.