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About the Oil Seed Products Technical Working Group (OSPTWG)
The Oil Seed Products cluster includes value addition products derived from oil seeds as well as raw and semi-raw commodities themselves. The main four oil seeds where government policy is focusing are sunflower, groundnuts, soya beans and cotton. However, other oil seeds — such as sesame, palm, rubber, castor and jatropha will also be supported, but only where there are private sector interest and private investors eager to lead. Examples of value addition products based on these oil seeds include cooking oil, meals, butters, milks, lubricants, varnishes, soaps, cosmetics and paints.
The Oil Seed Products Technical Working Group (OSP TWG) is driving forward (and tracking) the various pieces of work needed to implement actions set out in the National Export Strategy (NES). These actions have been identified in the NES as necessary “enablers” to unlock Malawi’s potential for increasing Oil Seed Crops and Products exports.